Building Credibility and Trust With Alina Bonn

Alina Bonn
Alina Bonn

When Alina Bonn saw a gap in the niche for digital marketing and business strategies, she took action. She is the President of Agency 94, a content marketing company specializing in podcast production. She has built a team of business writers, graphic designers, audio engineers, and project managers geared at scaling brands. 

Alina is the host of the Established podcast and previously worked as a Conference Coordinator for ISDA and as a Marketing Specialist for 4sight Health. She received her BS in business administration, studied social media marketing under a former director at Disney, and learned business and digital marketing strategies from 7-figure agency owners.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Alina Bonn describes how a gap in informational marketing launched her journey into digital marketing
  • How Alina’s background in entrepreneurship optimized her view of online offerings and platforms
  • The value of choosing a niche and creating the solution to a problem
  • Why establishing credibility in relationships is crucial for growing your brand 
  • Alina explains how the right strategy produces the best results
  • What is the best piece of advice Alina has ever received?

In this episode…

For an entrepreneur, when the temptation of a new project crosses your path, it can be challenging to not follow it. How can you narrow your focus while simultaneously growing your brand? By building a digital agency, can you keep your operations lean and outperform your competitors?

Growing up in an entrepreneurial home, Alina saw the value of being an asset-light business and sticking with one strategy when building her podcasting agency. She knows the precursor to building a brand begins with credibility and designing experiences for powerful growth. While every journey is different, Alina says the focus should be to provide a solution to a problem your clients face — and she specializes in growing business consultants for podcasting brands. 

Join Michael Roderick on this episode of Access To Anyone as he sits down with Alina Bonn, President of Agency 94, as she describes building confidence in your brand and delivering the right strategy for growth. Alina talks about how she learned to optimize her online platform effectively, why it is crucial to create a solution to a problem to scale your brand, and the importance of establishing credibility with your clients.

Golden Answer

If you could meet any living person, who would it be?

Alina Bonn would like to meet Alex Hormozi, author of $100M Offers: How To Make Offers So Good People Feel Stupid Saying No. Alina loves how he delivers his business advice in a simple and valuable way without theatrics. Alina says that with Alex, it is about strategy, not theatrics. He has helped her business grow and shaped the way she approaches it.

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