The Mutual Evaluation (And Why It’s Important)

When meeting anybody for the first time, we always assume there is a one-sided evaluation taking place. We’re meeting this connection, they’re checking us out, deciding our worth, and as a result we become intimidated or meek, and then we undervalue or limit ourselves.

So how do we get over this? This is when the concept of mutual evaluation comes into play, and by understanding and embracing this concept, you’ll be able to tackle any interaction with less apprehension and more self-confidence.

On today’s episode, our hosts define the concept of mutual evaluation, and discuss why it affects how you conduct yourself with others, putting yourself out there, and building new relationships.

Topics include:

  • How to obtain the mindset needed to connect with people of all levels.
  • Why you need to define who you are before putting yourself out there.
  • Valuable strategies to ensure you always have networking opportunities.
  • The power of proactivity.

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