Expand Your Brain One Book At A Time

A lot of today’s movers and shakers credit their achievements to reading books. So if you want to strike it big in the business world, you’ll need to read the right stuff. In today’s episode, we explore what co-host Michael Roderick calls brain-expanders. During the conversation, we reveal how these books will help you make smarter decisions, build meaningful relationships, and everything in between.

Topics include:

  • What are the qualities that make a book a brain-expander?
  • Lessons on life from Your Brain at Work by David Rock
  • Brain hacks! When you shouldn’t be checking your email
  • How Influence by Robert Cialdini affects everyday interactions
  • How to reach people individually and authentically
  • Why you should make sure you tell yourself “I love you”
  • How to handle disagreements
  • How to find your own brain-expander

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