The 3 Biggest Networking Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

We all know by now that going to networking events, mixers, and cocktail parties hoping for the universe to drop new business into our laps simply doesn’t work. In fact, sometimes things at live events can go wrong. Really wrong. In today’s episode, we explore what Michael Roderick calls the three biggest Party F-Ups, and reveal how you can avoid these pitfalls – and up your overall networking game – by building better awareness.

Topics include:

  • Why people “f-up” at networking events
  • The three party f-ups: Bruce-Willising people, Card to the Face, and the Tom Brady Treatment
  • Tips for introducing new acquaintances (if you forgot their name)
  • What the concept of the business card means today
  • Why it is important to be aware of everyone in your networking orbit
  • How to rectify and address your networking mistakes

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