How to Hack Your Way Into a Power Network With Social Media

Early on in her career as a young technology entrepreneur, Scarlett Sieber figured out she could gain an edge over her more seasoned competitors by using social media to build an extensive network with of high-profile power players . Scarlett now has a following of over twenty thousand people, is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post and Forbes, and is an inspiration (and advocate) for women in the tech community.

Today she discusses why social media is the ultimate tool for gaining access to anyone, how to use it, and why having a diverse network is the best way to create opportunities and to meet influential people.

Scarlett tells us

  • How to do social differently than everyone else
  • Why building a diverse web of connections is a must
  • How women can overcome the male/female power dynamic in their networking
  • The importance of “curating content” (and how to do it)

Scarlett Sieber is the SVP of Open Innovation and Ecosystem Building at BBVA, a large international bank operating in over 30 countries. She is also the U.S. lead for BBVA’s millennial initiative. Prior to BBVA, she was an advisor and co-founder of Infomous, an innovative, data visualization tech startup. Scarlett was named one of the “Top 50 most influential in Fintech” by Onalytica, one of the “Top 10 most followed Fintech Persons on Twitter” by Fintech Info, and selected by Innotribe/SWIFT as “Power Woman in Fintech.”

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