How To Get (The Right) Attention From Industry Leaders

Today’s guest is Teju Owoye, CEO and Founder of Sulte Group.

Topics include:

  • How to successfully jump off the corporate ladder
  • Why embracing vulnerability (and weakness) will help you succeed
  • How to gain access to (almost) anyone using Gmail hacks
  • The true power of humility
  • How to get the right attention from industry leaders
  • How Tim Ferris’ book The Four-Hour Work Week impacted Teju’s life

Teju Owoye is the Founder and CEO of Sulte Group, a digial strategy and marketing agency focused on leveraging brand ambassadors to help companies drive sales. She is also the Founder of Tusodo, the online destination for the adventurous, on-the-go woman. Tusodo connects women with products, travel tips, and insider recommendations.

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