Make Yourself the King of Content

Today’s guest is Todd Giannattasio, Founder and CEO of Tresnic Media.

Topics include:

  • How to include experimentation in your routine (and why it matters)
  • The important relationship between content promotion and content creation
  • What it really takes to balance multiple businesses
  • Dealing with growth and your own expectations
  • How content influences a Facebook group’s success
  • Forcing serendipity through persistence, hard work, and putting yourself out there

Todd Giannattasio is head of business development and lead strategist for Tresnic Media, a Hubspot Certified Inbound and digital agency focused on content marketing to attract and convert more customers. He brings his clients’ online presence to the forefront of their market through customer-oriented design, quality content strategies and engaging, online customer relationships.

Todd has been featured on expert panels by the Association of Accounting Marketing and (Yellow Pages), as well as a guest lecturer at Rutgers Business School, and NYU Business School, where case studies of his work are required reading for the digital marketing graduate program.

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