Author Gregg Stebben on Radio, Access, and Social Media

Today’s guest is author and ForbesBooks Radio host Gregg Stebben.

Topics include:

  • Gregg’s TV guide version of access to anyone
  • How to create a reputation that leads to a successful career in journalism
  • How Gregg almost met George Bush Sr. when he was just 25 years old
  • The surprising role fax machines played in Gregg’s success in contacting high profile people
  • Why he decided to step away from interviewing celebrities
  • White House Confidential and the auspicious time that it was published
  • A look behind the scenes at ForbesBooks Radio
  • How Gregg wound up working for Advantage Media
  • Why we’re living in the age of anti-access 

Gregg Stebben is co-host of the nationally syndicated ForbesBooks Radio, which is heard in 200 US radio markets including New York, New Jersey, New Orleans, and Portland, with over 3 million listeners nationwide. As a journalist and former host of Men’s Health Live, Gregg has interviewed everyone from Presidents Trump and Clinton to Mikhail Gorbachev and Katie Couric. He is also the author of 16 books, including White House Confidential, The Man’s Manual, Internet Privacy for Dummies, and How To Be a 21st Century Man.

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