Are You a Thought Leader or a Thought Loser?

“Thought leader” is everyone’s favorite buzzword, but what does it mean to be a thought loser? Get ready to find out. In today’s episode, we explore how these industry giants are born, break down the real reasons we revere them, and expose their secrets to success.

Topics include:

  • The definition of a true thought leader
  • Sharing knowledge through your own unique lens and voice
  • How to present unoriginal ideas in an original way
  • Why thought losers are usually fantastic marketers
  • Rip off instead of riff off: Who is playing follow the leader?
  • Embracing the spectacle (and why it’s important)
  • Learn why pros recognize pros and can spot the BS
  • Who are thought losers (and why are they narcissistic)?
  • What we really learn from spectacles like Tony Robbins
  • Surface vs. substance

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