Lee Jackson: Knowing All The Rules (So You’re Able To Break Them When Speaking)

In this episode I chat with Lee Jackson, a motivational speaker and presentation coach who went from speaking in front of hundreds of teens to making a full-time living as a professional speaker (using many of the same tools he used to captivate youth audiences). Listen in to learn more about Lee’s tricks of the trade and what it takes to become the kind of speaker people talk about.

Topics include:

  • How he started his career in a culture that was cynical when it came to motivational speakers (and how he overcame that cynicism)
  • Why very few people actually get paid to just do keynote speaking and what all speakers should be paying attention to in order to have a strong business model
  • The secret ingredient in Lee’s presentations that keeps people coming back for more
  • The number one thing you need to do in order to get paid to speak (as opposed to just giving speeches away for free all the time)
  • What every audience in the world is screaming at this very moment and why it’s so important for you to answer them
  • The time Lee requests most when he speaks at conferences (it’s not what you expect) and why it works so well for him and his business
  • Lee’s “Three R’s” and how he used them to build his business
  • How to use gatherings as a way to keep up with your network and be memorable to everyone in your circle
  • The on stage and off stage test every speaker should do
  • How Lee fuses personal and professional relationship building and makes more sales in the process by combining the two rather than keeping them separate
  • The best way to eliminate pressure from any sales conversation (no matter how big the opportunity may be)
  • The most important job in presenting your ideas to an audience and the downside to having a “script”
  • Lee’s biggest pet peeve when it comes to speaking and presentations and how to make sure you are not accidentally adding this into your presentations
  • The relationship between Robert Di Niro’s acting and feature creep (and what it means for giving a great speech)
  • The one thing you can do with your content so the audience gets the maximum value from your message
  • The story he used at a conference that surprised and delighted his audience using a super simple detail most wouldn’t notice
  • And much more!

Lee Jackson is an International Speaker, Presentation Coach, and author of twelve books. Having worked in the voluntary, public, and private sectors over the years he now works in businesses and education helping people to enjoy and succeed in challenging times. He was the 2017 President of the Professional Speaking Association in the UK & Ireland. He lives with his wife and twins in West Yorkshire, UK. He loves good comedy, old school Hip Hop, and basketball. He doesn’t like gardening.

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