Dave Labuda: How to Trust First When Building A Business

In this episode, I chat with Dave Labuda (the Founder of Matrixx Software) whose first company was purchased by Oracle in 2006. He then went right on to founding another company tackling the problems of technology infrastructure. Listen in as Dave takes us through his story, teaches us about building a world-class network, and reveals how one leads a fast growing company.

Topics include:

  • How Dave noticed a hole in the market that led to building both his first and second companies
  • The major opportunity in the technology space that most companies are not paying attention to (and how to leverage it)
  • How Matrixx is focusing on moving trends forward in multiple industries
  • Dave’s process for building close and deep relationships with the people in his life while balancing his time as a CEO with a multitude of interests
  • Dave’s observations about the change in a company’s value exchange as they grow
  • How to make sure your company doesn’t end up as just a value extractor rather than a value provider
  • Dave’s filtering process when it comes to inbound communication and how he manages the physical impossibility of being involved in every conversation of a mid-size company
  • The one thing you need to do with your team to ensure that your customers aren’t only asking to speak to the CEO
  • The key to empowering those you work with so they always feel comfortable handling the conversations you are not there for
  • How to be a “long leash” leader (and how it helps your team grow)
  • Dave’s opinion on cold outreach and his method for choosing who he works with
  • What he considers to be the biggest key to his success
  • And much more!

Dave Labuda is the Founder, CEO, and CTOof MATRIXX Software. His revolutionary vision is making it possible for every Telco & Digital Service Provider to realize the benefits of digital transformation. Dave also co-founded Portal Software in 1994, creating the first real-time billing and revenue management solution for internet and communications service providers. As CTO, he led the architectural design and product strategy of the company.

After stepping into the CEO role in 2004, he successfully sold the company to Oracle in 2006. Dave then served as CTO of Oracle’s Communications Global Business Unit until February 2008, providing architectural vision for the new organization and acting as a key advisor on several strategic acquisitions. He started his career at Sun Microsystems working for 8 years in the UNIX Operating Systems group. Dave also serves as a board member for Aria Systems. He holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and has 13 patents issued with several more pending.

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