From Fashion Model To Marketing Mogul With Patty Soffer

Patty Soffer moved from her early career as a model to become an award-winning strategist, celebrated author, and marketing mogul. Her secret is that she never lets a good opportunity go to waste. While working in fashion she watched closely to learn the secrets of promotion and the applied what she learned to co-create one of the country’s top marketing and branding agencies. But when her partnership dissolved several years later, her business (and livelihood) came crashing down.

In today’s episode, Patty discusses how she transformed this heartbreaking failure into her greatest success story, and how she uses her unparalleled insight to help others build stronger partnerships, thriving businesses, and high-profile relationships.

Topics include:

  • The surprisingly simple way to connect with top-level players.
  • How to stop conceding to cop-outs.
  • Avoiding the blame game and holding yourself accountable for your failures.
  • The connections between establishing your expertise and building relationships.

Patty Soffer is a renowned brand strategist and partnership coach who incorporates building a human foundation into all that she does. In 2001, Patty co-founded Soffer Adkins, the award-winning branding and design firm with her business partner. Their clients included McDonalds, Marriott, Heineken, Perry Ellis and many others. The firm received nearly 100 Addy Awards amongst other industry recognitions, and was named one of the Hot 500 Companies in the nation by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Currently, Patty is consulting with businesses and partners who understand the value of building a Human Foundation, and also acts as a brand strategist for special projects. She is also the celebrated writer of Partnership or Partnersh*t: You Decide and The Workbook: The Companion Book to Partnership or Partnersh*t: You Decide and other works.

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