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  • Steve Sims: How To Create Real Impact In Your Relationships By Being Impossible To Misunderstand

Steve Sims: How To Create Real Impact In Your Relationships By Being Impossible To Misunderstand

In this episode, I sit down with Steve Sims, described as the “real life Wizard of Oz” and the founder of Bluefish – the world’s top concierge service. Listen in as Steve shares his journey of becoming connected to some of the world’s most influential people (and get some straightforward hard knocks lessons along the way).

Topics include:

  • Steve’s journey from bricklayer to the man you come to when you have “a wish and checkbook”
  • What Steve’s original end-goal was (and how Bluefish actually became a business)
  • The Bricklayer’s philosophy for charging for your services (and what every entrepreneur must do in order to get comfortable with charging)
  • What happens when people don’t pay
  • The half-percent of the planet in which Steve is well-known and how his book came to be
  • The best return on investment you can make
  • What you absolutely have to do if you are going to reach out to Steve (and what his favorite word in the world actually is)
  • What you really need to focus on when you are meeting rich, powerful, and influential people
  • The one thing you can add to any experience that will make you more memorable (that costs absolutely nothing)
  • A completely different way to use Facebook and LinkedIn that will make getting introductions significantly easier
  • How to ask for an introduction (and what you need to care about before you ask for one)
  • How Steve stays in touch with his network and what is more powerful than email
  • And much more!

Steve Sims is the founder of Bluefish, the world’s top personal concierge services and author of the bestselling book Bluefishing – The Art of Making Things Happen. Quite simply, he makes the impossible possible. Want to sing with your favorite rock star? Be serenaded by Andrea Bocelli? Walk the red carpet at an A-List Oscar party? Get married in the Vatican? Dive to the wreck of the Titanic? Yeah, he can make that happen. No check that, he’s made that happen.

These high-end, velvet rope missions have secured Steve a spot as one of the globe’s most successful marketers of luxury brands. His style, humility, real talk, and storytelling acumen are so innovative in this space because it’s real and it works. It’s probably why both Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine have coined him, “The Real Life Wizard of Oz”. While Steve speaks and consults internationally to groups large and small, his two favorite gigs were at Harvard and The Pentagon. And they both asked him back!

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