How To Get The Response You Want (out of the archives)

In this episode, I’m reaching into the archives to take a look back at one of my favorite concepts.

One of the biggest challenges in building important relationships is getting people – especially those you thought you had a good rapport with – to get back to you. Luckily, we’ve spent a lot of time cracking this code. In today’s episode we reveal everything you need to know about mastering your communication so you can get the responses you want when you want them.

Topics include:

  • The real reason why it is so tough to get responses to our communication
  • How your choice of communication channel affects response rate
  • Why the phone may no longer be our most urgent channel of communication
  • Understanding how to create a signal and build curiosity within the noise of email
  • Framing your communication within a timeline to get a faster response
  • Response etiquette; how to be patient when you do not hear back

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