Nicole Jackson Miller: How to Start Where You Are and Finish What You Start

On this episode, I sit down with Nicole Jackson Miller – the CEO of The Project Designer. Listen in as we discuss Nicole’s journey as an entrepreneur and the lessons she’s learned about relationship building, management, and growing a business beyond the single owner.

Topics include:

  • Nicole’s transition from the TV world and what it means to be a “recovering perfectionist”
  • The conversation that led to Nicole launch her own business (and how she brought her passions together to serve online business owners)
  • Why Nicole isn’t interested in “burning the boats” and what she decided to do instead when it came to building her business
  • What you need to understand about what motivates you (and how to avoid doing more harm than good by pushing against your type)
  • How Nicole works with her clients and what she’s realized about implementation for online entrepreneurs and their teams
  • The best way to “project-manage” your relationships
  • The one thing that you absolutely must do to avoid going too far in the wrong direction with your time
  • What to do when you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start
  • The tyranny of the to-do list and what to do with those items that just stay there forever
  • How to delegate strategically
  • What you need to focus on first when starting your business
  • The most important thing that you can do before hiring a coach or a mentor (and why you need to talk to a potential coach about it)
  • And much more!


Nicole Jackson Miller is the owner of The Project Designer Company, a Project Management Agency that serves online business owners, coaches and influencers. Nicole also mentors Agency Owners on how to build an A+ Team to support their clients. Through working at major TV Networks in NYC for over 8 years, Nicole understands what it takes to lead a business and team to greatness and she helps her clients do just that!

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