Beverly Flaxington: Helping Others Feel Valued (and Valuable) By Being More Human

In this episode, I sit down with Beverly Flaxington, The Human Behavior Coach who has authored 8 different books, writes for Psychology Today, and has run her consulting firm for 20 years. Listen in as Bev tells us all about her personal story, the top lessons she’s learned in relationship building, and what everyone needs to know about human behavior.

Topics include:

  • Bev’s background as a recruiter (and how she started to discover her gift for working with people)
  • The moment that caused her to walk out on her job and start her business
  • What to do when you decide to start off on your own or when you get let go from a job
  • The major discovery Bev and her partner made about which business they were actually in vs. what business they thought they were in
  • Why talking about your experience isn’t the best use of your time (and what you need to do instead)
  • The natural approach that we all have to be careful of when it comes to selling our products and services
  • The absolute must-have for anyone who is thinking of hosting a podcast, selling a service, or running their own information platform
  • The importance of knowing your audience when it comes to reaching out on platforms like LinkedIn (and how it can transform the way you are perceived)
  • The danger of “writing people off” and how you need to think about maintaining your relationships
  • What you should never do when meeting someone for the second time
  • What we notice most when people reach out to us (and how it can create a bigger sense of loyalty)
  • How to get past your fear of asking and to stop suffering in silence
  • And much more!

Beverly D. Flaxington, MBA, The Human Behavior Coach® is a Gold-award winning author who has written 8 books, including three bestsellers. She brings her vast experience as a management consultant, Certified Hypnotherapist, executive and career coach, Certified Behavioral Analyst, Certified Values Analyst, and holder of two patents for groundbreaking programs she created. She has run her own consulting firm for 20 years. Bev is a regular blogger for and writes a weekly column called “Ask Bev” for Advisor Perspectives Magazine answering questions about human behavior and relationships in the workplace. Bev is a Lecturer at Suffolk University teaching Leadership & Social Responsibility. She has taught Entrepreneurship 101, Small Business Management, Dealing with Difficult People and Organizational Behavior.

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