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  • Jim Padilla: How to Gain The Edge in Sales by Opening Doors Rather Than Overcoming Obstacles

Jim Padilla: How to Gain The Edge in Sales by Opening Doors Rather Than Overcoming Obstacles

Today I sit down with Jim Padilla, the founder of Gain The Edge and the man with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to sales. Listen in as we discuss what it takes to build comfort around your sales process without the icky-ness.

Topics include:

  • Jim’s childhood and the million-dollar lessons it ultimately taught him
  • The journey that Jim took within sales (and what he learned about himself during the process)
  • The gas station encounter in 2008 that changed everything for him (and led him to his current business)
  • How spirituality has tied into Jim’s business and how the service of others has become the cornerstone of all of his work
  • The improvisation-inspired methodology that Jim has developed for sales calls and sales conversations
  • What most people forget about ads, cold outreach, and social media outreach
  • The type of marketing that that not only sends qualified leads his way, but also serves his clients better than anything else (and how you can master it)
  • How to develop a timeline mindset when it comes to prospects (and how to build a powerful referral network)
  • How to avoid worshipping the god of reciprocity and what to focus on instead
  • The service hierarchy and where you want to be with your clients
  • The three main lanes that led Jim and his wife to their first two million without spending a penny on marketing (and why his calendar is always full with calls to this very day)
  • Where people fall down when it comes to positioning
  • What you need to do right now in order to keep your prospects and referral partners from being confused
  • The kryptonite of connectors and the absolute power of specialization
  • Why even the pros are just getting started
  • The reason Jim doesn’t believe in objections like “I cant afford it” or “I need more time” (and what he focuses on instead)
  • And much more!

As founder of Gain The Edge, Jim is known in the personal development and business coaching world as the go-to-guy for all things sales. He is a master collaborator whose purpose is to help entrepreneurs leverage the power of collaboration to scale their business so they can impact the world the way they intended. Jim is known for instilling into his sales team its not what you say, its who you are being when you say it.

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