Tom Ross: How to Go Deep With Your Clients and Do What Doesn’t Scale

In this episode, I sit down with Tom Ross, the CEO of Design Cuts. Listen in as we discuss what led Tom to starting his business, his take on relationship building, and some great tips for connecting with people on social media.

Topics include:

  • The “Right-Click Matrix Moment” that ignited Tom’s interest in coding and websites
  • Tom’s first business at six year’s old (that yielded a 100% margin)
  • Tom’s journey towards focusing on design and all of the various businesses it turned into
  • The value of hindsight and why nothing is ever a “sunk cost” if you’re learning
  • What entrepreneurship is really about (and what misinformation you need to avoid during your own entrepreneurial journey)
  • How to go from 5000 things to 8 and Tom’s take on building a team
  • How he became the leader he is today
  • Why you can’t “do it all” and the scary lesson that forced Tom to delegate
  • How Tom handles relationship building and his approach to the concept of playing the long game
  • The importance of going deep (and all the ways you can do this in your own business)
  • Tom’s challenge for everyone to go “unscalable” (and what that means)
  • The Christmas gift that blew all of Tom’s clients away
  • How to be David instead of Goliath
  • Tom’s best Instagram tips
  • And much more!

Tom Ross is the host of The Honest Entrepreneur Show, where he provides free mentorship and consultancy for a community of passionate entrepreneurs. His side hustle is giving back to the entrepreneurial community, which he does around his day job as CEO at Design Cuts is an incredibly warm and positive community of 500,000 awesome creatives, who are regularly saving money on the best design resources.

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