Paul Bigham: How To Make it Easy for People to Give

Today I sit down with Paul Bigham, founder and owner of Bigham Direct Agency. Listen in as we get into an in-depth conversation about fundraising, making big asks, and how to get over any anxiety you have about asking for money. This is a must-listen if you are doing any fundraising.

Topics include:

  • Paul’s clothes folding revelation that helped him discover his mission while he was still a child
  • How to move away from the poverty-based mindset as a Not for Profit
  • The worst perception a fundraiser can have
  • The most dangerous phrase you can use when soliciting donations (and how it can keep you from making your numbers)
  • Why fundraisers need to look at the bigger picture and the best way to identify qualified donors
  • Who you need to make sure is on your list and the “oil prospecting” methodology to find more of the best people
  • Paul’s personal story of doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t (and what he’s found amusing about marketing)
  • The number of gifts that you need from someone to classify them as a “real donor”
  • What to do when you hit a stagnant point in your fundraising campaign
  • The questions every person raising donations needs to ask themselves
  • How to create three-year magic in your fundraising
  • The best way to reframe anxiety around asking for money a second time (and what to say right before)
  • The three questions every donor is asking when they consider giving to you
  • Why donor’s remorse is real and how to keep your donor from feeling it
  • And much more!

Paul Bigham is president of Bigham Advertising Agency, a professional services and consulting firm specializing in marketing, direct response, interactive, and online communications. Along with founding his Plano, TX agency, Paul has served in a number of senior level positions on both the client and agency side including responsibilities for media buying, constituency development, program and content creation, lead generation, and lapsed reactivation programs.

Paul earned his BBA and MBA from SMU in Dallas. He and his agency have received numerous awards for their creative work, as well as the respect and loyalty of his organizational partners for the value creation, leadership, and relationship he provides and produces on a consistent basis. During his career as a professional marketer, Paul has held the positions of Vice President for Killion McCabe & Associates, Senior Vice President for Stratmark, Inc. on the agency side, as well as Executive Vice President for Coral Ridge Ministries and leadership for D.J. Kennedy’s four other ministries.

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