Sam Markowitz: The Power of Being Genuine When It Comes To Your Marketing

Today I sit down with Sam Markowitz, entrepreneur and business growth consultant with the Sam Markowitz group. Listen in as we deconstruct the psychology behind entrepreneurship, explore the world of marketing and copywriting, and learn a bunch about human nature along the way.

Topics include:

  • Sam’s original plan for what he would do after college (and how it completely changed as soon as he graduated)
  • His complete marketing immersion and the alternative he discovered to “hope-based” marketing
  • Sam’s first mentor and the leap of faith he took to be able to work with him
  • How Sam made the most of the opportunity given to him and what he believes is the most critical thing to have 100% of
  • What you must embrace whole-heartedly if you are seeking success (and what Sam learned from his mentor about this)
  • The surprising and emotional way his mentorship ended and the important lessons Sam learned from it
  • What the story of Abraham can teach you about curating your network (and how Sam has used it to find great business partners)
  • The ability in copywriting that every master spends refining and reworking
  • What often will take the most time when writing a sales letter
  • One of the biggest reasons why people don’t purchase something (and what you can do about it right now)
  • And much more!

Sam Markowitz is an entrepreneur, and he helps other successful entrepreneurs grow their businesses at The Sam Markowitz Group. As one of the top direct response copywriters and marketing strategists in the world, he is known as Gary Halbert’s last protégé, and he develops marketing strategy for hyper growth for his clients.

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