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  • James Williams: How To Be Enough For Yourself So Everything You Receive Is A Bonus (out of the archives)

James Williams: How To Be Enough For Yourself So Everything You Receive Is A Bonus (out of the archives)

In this episode, I’m reaching into the archives to revisit one of my favorite conversations.

I sit down with James Williams, a certified high performance coach and business partner in I Heart My Life with his wife Emily Williams. Listen in as we discuss the relationship-oriented story of how our interview came to be and get into the mindset one needs to adopt in order to do their best work.

Topics include:

  • How James found his “chapter 2” after working for 12 years in television production
  • How he realized where his motivation was actually coming from (and it wasn’t from the place you think)
  • What James discovered during that time that caused a monumental shift, not only in his business but in his personal life as well (and how it relates to misdirection we encounter when finding happiness)
  • James’ story of his own experience with the “giver’s fix” and how he was able to shift the way he thought about giving
  • How reconnecting with his ten-year old self helps him today when challenges arrive
  • The talisman he uses to deal with his recovery from the giver’s fix
  • The one thing you need to make the knowledge you acquire actually stick
  • The relationship between entrepreneur and money (when it comes to receiving value)
  • The real deal with guilt when it comes to service
  • How to go into the world curious and without judgment (rather than being trapped by our own lens after having had bad experiences)
  • What resentment really leads to
  • The relationship between our expectations and reality when it comes to giving
  • The truth about recovery when it comes to the giver’s fix, resentment, and judgment
  • What to do when we recognize an area of growth (and what we need to do next)
  • And much more!

After leaving a 12-year career that was no longer fulfilling him or showcasing all he knew, James Williams started his Chapter 2. He got back in touch with his passion for people and human potential and impacting the lives of others. In following his passion and striving for mastery, he aims to be the catalyst in the lives he serves. As a Certified High-Performance Coach James works with entrepreneurs to reach their highest levels of performance and potential in all areas of they life.

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