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  • Dov Gordon: How To Master Attracting Ideal Clients By Taking The Path Less Traveled (from the archives)

Dov Gordon: How To Master Attracting Ideal Clients By Taking The Path Less Traveled (from the archives)

I’m diving into the archives once again to revisit a powerful conversation!

In this episode, I get a chance to chat with Dov Gordon (of The Alchemist Entrepreneur) about his own journey as a coach and consultant and the lessons he learned while building his business. Listen as we discuss entrepreneurial traps, the path of the charismatic guru, and what it means to connect with your ideal client.

Topics include:

  • The power of the origin story (and how Dov’s story helped him discover the type of entrepreneur he wanted to be)
  • The surprising place Dov’s first clients came from and what he learned when working with them
  • The three steps you need to take to consistently attract your ideal clients (and how he learned these the hard way)
  • The Path of the Charismatic Guru and the alternate path that led to some of Dov’s greatest successes and ideal clients
  • Why 7 Figures and scaling aren’t for everyone and what to do if these aren’t best for your business
  • How to make sure we don’t throw out the business with the bathwater when we try too hard to not be like someone else
  • Why there is no one way to succeed but there is one way to fail
  • Why so many people get stuck in the “friend zone” with potential clients and referral partners and the mental switch you need to flip to stop that process
  • The most important thing you need beyond the intellectual understanding of what you can offer to clients
  • The three doubts and how dangerous they can be to your business growth
  • The most important attitude to take in life to achieve the kind of impact you want
  • And much more!

Dov Gordon helps consultants, coaches, and experts get their ideal clients. Consistently. There are millions and millions of consultants, freelancers, and coaches who are really good at what they do. They LOVE their work, and all they want is a consistent flow of clients who value who they are, their expertise, and are willing to pay them well for it. Dov and his small team help you build a simple, repeatable, client-getting system that best fits YOU and your strengths.

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