Emile Mimran: Helping The Little Guy Make Money On Social Media

Today I’m talking to Emile Mimran–the President and Founder of Adinlay–about how his app helps users of all sizes actually profit from their social media pages. We also break down the real deal behind influencers and brand advertising and reveal why social media users are far more powerful than they realize.

Topics include:

  • Why working as a waiter helped Emile learn how to connect with people
  • What he learned about success from his first sales job
  • The importance of creating social media advertising that doesn’t feel intrusive
  • How Adinlay connects users with brands
  • How Emile builds relationships with both brands and users (and between the two!)
  • Why making people feel important matters when it comes to advertising
  • And much more!

Emile Mimran is the President and Founder of Adinlay, Inc. – a word of mouth digital social media marketing company connecting everyday real social media users of any size, to influencers, to brands, by way of sharing a portion of their authentic posts with a brand campaign of their choosing.

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