Ilissa Miller: Delivering On The Promise of PR to Create Unshakeable Trust

Today we’re continuing the Podcast Row series with Ilissa Miller, founder and CEO of iMiller Public Relations. Listen in as we discuss PR, Entrepreneurial balance, and building relationships with the press.

Topics include:

  • Ilissa’s background from opera singer to recruiter to telecom pioneer 
  • How Ilissa built relationships when her business was first getting started (and what she learned about sales) 
  • Ilissa’s rule about everything her team touches and what it can teach you about building a reputation 
  • What PR is really about (and who the buyer really is) 
  • The biggest mistake you can make with your message and how it can cause you to miss your targets 
  • How to pitch journalists in 15 seconds and what you need to do before even reaching out 
  • The fine line between following up and being annoying
  • The “innovative” thing you can do to cut through the noise
  • What happens when you say “no” and the counterintuitive view Ilissa has of it 
  • The most dangerous pricing strategy an entrepreneur can use 
  • And much more!

As founder and CEO of iMiller Public Relations (iMPR), Ilissa Miller brings nearly two decades of experience in sales, marketing and product development to her clients in an effort to help them differentiate their messages and achieve notoriety within an ever expanding and evolving industry. With a wealth of experience and knowledge in the emerging global telecommunications and technology industries, her extensive expertise and practical skill set have allowed her to implement and spearhead and launch many companies as well as global product and marketing campaigns including that of international private line and networks, IP transit, peering, IPVPN, hosted PBX, cloud computing, Ethernet, managed services, colocation and data center products and solutions. She is a recognized leader in the global telecom and technology space where her knowledge and insights provide strategic guidance that enhance performance resulting in a remarkable reputation for effectiveness and client satisfaction.

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