Jonathan Gill: Disrupting Advertising In Podcasting By Making Everyone Better Together

Continuing the series of interviews from Podcast Row, I sit down with Jonathan Gill, CEO and Founder of Backtracks. Listen in as we discuss the world of podcasting, entrepreneurship, and building relationships in the world of tech.

Topics include:

  • How Jonathan’s beginnings in the world of punk and hardcore music led to a career in culture and technology 
  • How a bad cell phone signal on tour led to the idea for Backtracks 
  • Cross-pollination between the podcasting and music industry
  • The three main problems the company is focused on when it comes to podcasts
  • What Backtracks can do for sponsors and advertisers 
  • Jonathan’s best practices 
  • The main thing you want to consider if you decide to raise money for your own project 
  • What’s next for Backtracks 
  • Jonathan’s advice for managing inbound requests when you have a funding event 
  • How Jonathan manages his time 
  • And much more!

Jonathan Gill is the founder and CEO of Backtracks, the audio and podcast analytics and monetization company. Backtracks helps audio content creators and brands know and grow their audiences. Simply put, Backtracks helps podcasts make more money.

Jonathan ran a record label in the transition to digital distribution and analytics, voted in the Grammy Awards, was an early team member of Mozu (acquired by Vista Equity Partners), and founded some of the internet’s early niche music resources in the 1990s.

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