John Wellborn: Using Integrity Cues to Grow Multiple Businesses and Live Your Best Life

Continuing the series of interviews from Podcast Row, I sit down with John Wellborn – the CEO of Live Well, owner of multiple companies, and prolific entrepreneur. Listen in as we discuss what it means to be an entrepreneur, the importance of mindset, and how to think about your relationships.

Topics include:

    • John’s background in insurance and the revelation he experienced (on his 28th birthday!)  that led to him tearing everything down and moving to the beach 
    • The business he discovered at the beach that led to six more businesses and the current life he’s living 
    • The process of how John spins off his current companies and the main thing he did with his customers to discover opportunities to grow new businesses
    • The number one factor in starting a business
    • John’s biggest piece of advice to people who are starting something new 
    • The gap that John noticed in how people spend money in 2nd homes (and how it helped launch his first business and secondary businesses)
    • Why you need to make sure you are never forgetting to listen to the market (and what business opportunities you might miss if you don’t) 
    • The one thing you can do that will put you ahead of 80% of businesses (and the two steps to blowing anyone’s mind) 
    • What to watch out for when people disappoint you
    • The failure that taught John the biggest lessons in his business
    • John’s plan for expanding the beach house business and how others can get involved 
    • And much more!

John Wellborn is the founder of Live Well 30A – the leader in vacation rental equipment and concierge services on 30A. Their core services include: bike and beach chair rentals, beach fires, golf cart rentals. They also arrange chef service, transportation, babysitting and more. Four companies operate under the Live Well 30A brand: Live Well 30A Gear, Live Well 30A Retreats, Live Well Bikes & Concierge, Live Well 30A Realty, and Rent 30A.

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