Igor Kheifets: How To Become a True Master of Email Marketing

Today I’m speaking to bestselling author Igor Kheifets about all things list building and email marketing. Listen in as we break down how to build a successful (and fruitful) subscription list, reveal how to avoid the biggest email marketing pitfalls, and unveil the true importance of becoming an authority in your niche.

Topics include:

  • How a trivia game jumpstarted his journey into online entrepreneurship
  • How to gain results by learning from your initial marketing mistakes
  • Standing out by what you stand for
  • Why building subscription lists through free traffic is actually a bad idea (and what you should do instead)
  • Why sales shouldn’t be the focus of your email marketing
  • What to do after you’ve built your audience
  • Building relationships by creating offers from pain points
  • Why the feel good email is a really lie
  • What you can learn about sales from dating
  • The biggest mistakes when mailing your lists (and how to avoid them)
  • And much more!

Igor Kheifets helps people build wildly profitable email lists in record time.

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