Mark Herdering: How To Hang Out For A Living

In today’s episode, Hanging Out For a Living author Mark Herdering reveals his four basic principles to successful relationship building. He also talks about why he wanted to write a tactical book for the everyman and breaks down the real deal with network marketing.

Topics include:

  • How he turned hanging out with people into a booming business
  • Valuable advice he learned from the Yellow Pages
  • Why you need to be a problem-solver instead of a job doer
  • How a Moroccan teapot inspired his book
  • Developing a better sense of what you want to get involved in
  • Why you need to constantly invest in yourself (and your education)
  • The number one thing people get wrong when it comes to connecting with other people
  • How to maintain relationships when your network is blossoming
  • And much more!

After struggling for years in traditional sales Mark built a business that was generating over $1,000,000 in annual revenue in less than two years (on a 62 cent per-unit item) using a unique referral action plan. His extensive networking ability has driven his professional accomplishments and has expanded his career portfolio to wearing the hats of speaker, writer and business connector.

Raised in Los Angeles, he served as vice-president of the Tarzana Chamber of Commerce (1995-98), was a member of the Women’s Referral Service, Business Network International and the Referral Institute. In 2005 he joined Salt Lake City based where currently serves as an Executive affiliate and trainer.

In September of 2007 Mark effectively retired to Portland, OR where he served as the moderator of the Portland Business Alliance Leads Exchange program from June 2008 to Dec 2011 and held a seat on the alliance’s Presidents Council from 2008 through 2014 where he served as a mentor to new members.

In 2011 Mark founded PDX Group, a mastermind community of business experts, consultants and business-to-business service providers passionately dedicated to serving the greater business community.

Mark’s first book, Hanging Out For a Living, is a business fable about the adventures of Tyler (a desperate, struggling salesman) his unlikely mentor Oscar (an overindulgent 2500 year old Babylonian who lives in a tea pot) and the lessons about how to how to building high-quality business relationships learned along the way.

Today Mark speaks across the country about the Referral Action Plan to educate business owners and business development others build referral-based business.

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