Brandon Youst: How To Recreate Your Life

Today we continue our Podcast Row series with Brandon Youst—the founder of Urban Farm Academy. Listen in as Brandon reveals how (and why) he moved from a career in finance to one in food and agriculture. He also discusses why patience is the key to building important relationships, shares his real thoughts on activism, and unpacks what it really takes to evolve from a solopreneur to managing a team.

Topics include:

  • How he realized corporate culture wasn’t for him (and what he did about it)
  • How his company teaches many different ways to get involved in agriculture
  • Eliminating the poor farmer mentality
  • The importance of partnering with local influencers
  • How his model works for businesses in a variety of sizes (and areas)
  • Why learning about yourself during coursework is just as important as the lesson itself
  • Why it’s okay to protect your own time and space
  • Learning how to put down the books and start implementing what you learn
  • Not getting consumed by social media (and staying authentic)
  • And much more!

Brandon Youst is an entrepreneur and founder of Craven Local Food Market, Bootstrap Farmer and the Urban Farm Academy. He is also author of the book, The Bootstrap Farmer Guide to Farming the Future, which discusses the process of recreating your life by getting into food and agriculture.

Since leaving corporate finance 4 years ago, Brandon’s mission has been to localize the national food supply through the proliferation of hyperlocal business models, and has been doing this through the Craven Local Food Market, a meal subscription service where Brandon and his team grow, harvest, cook and deliver fully prepared meals to a local client base on a weekly basis. This business model, among others, are featured in the Urban Farm Academy, which is an online platform teaching hyperlocal business model frameworks and workforce development for people looking to create within local food and agriculture.

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