Zack Slingsby: Finding Ways to Do Fun and Creative Projects (Right Now!)

Today we continue our Podcast Row series with Zack Slingsby—the Founder of Human Factor Media. Listen in as we explore how Zack uses the power of story to create compelling videos for brands, how he switched gears to achieve greater happiness in his professional life, and the importance of using data to create something different (and effective).

Topics include:

  • Why story-driven media is the best way to promote your business
  • Why relationship-building in its early stage is a numbers game
  • Everyone will always shut the door on you (and why that’s okay)
  • Proving to people you can execute your concepts
  • Why one thing will never solve all of your problems
  • Juggling parenthood and family life with managing a business 
  • Why there will always be sacrifices when venturing into entrepreneurship
  • And much more!

Zachary Slingsby is the founder and creative director of Human Factor Media, a New York-based creative production agency that believes brands should make videos people actually want to watch.

Zack’s background is not in digital or film, but in creative and technical writing. He graduated Fordham University as an English major, got a Master of Fine Arts from the New School, and his work has appeared in The Brooklyn Rail, Second Hand Stories, Into the Void, JuxtaProse, JumbelBook, Glimmertrain and some other publications, and he has a finished novel he expects to see on bookshelves soon. He is also the host of the forthcoming web-series and podcast, “Why Aren’t You Famous?” (Debut, Fall 2019)

Human Factor Media is a collection of literary, comic and film talents trying to displace digital ads with branded videos of true entertainment value. Our digital team then uses the best modern media strategies to find the right audience at the right time and in the right place.

We think there is clear evidence that society has become exhausted by self-promotional brand strategies and that buckets of money are wasted in the endeavor every minute. We’d like American commerce to give art a chance. We think the powers that be will be pleasantly surprised by the market’s reaction.

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