Leonard Kim: Letting Humanity Back Into Our Lives (and Businesses)

Today I’m sitting down with personal branding expert and Ditch The Act author Leonard Kim. Listen in as Leonard reveals why we need to stop living “photoshopped” lives and how to start letting humanity back into our lives and businesses. We also explore his five levels of “exposure” and how to level up our transparency in life and online.

Topics include:

  • Why we’re living in a time that lacks human connection (and what we can do to change it)
  • The “exposure” resume (and why you need one)
  • Why vulnerability can be inspirational
  • The importance of leading with you
  • The real difference between a corporate brand and a personal brand
  • Tying your personal story into your content
  • And so much more!

Leonard Kim is a marketer who wins a lot of awards despite being a self-described expert at failing. But failing can’t be the only thing he is good at since book publishers like McGraw-Hill Business, companies like Cisco Systems, Keck Medicine of USC and Salesforce, universities like USC and UCI, large media publications like Forbes, CMO, Fast Company, Fortune, Adweek, Entrepreneur, and hundreds of others, and more than 500,000 followers think otherwise. One thing Leonard does extremely well is within the niches of marketing people and professional development, most commonly referred to as personal branding. He holds workshops at companies, speaks at conferences, works hands-on with executives and entrepreneurs who run 8 figure+ businesses, provides consulting and teaches his craft through online courses.

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