Susan Lindner: How To Make Every Pitch a Gift (out of the archives)

In this episode, I’m digging into the archives to revisit my conversation with Susan Lindner – CEO of Emerging Media and an international professional speaker. Listen in as we discuss the world of PR, connecting, and the changing landscape of media.

Topics include:

  • Susan’s “disruptive” background and how it led to her work in understanding culture (as well as her activist background)
  • How a bad date led to her work in Tech PR
  • Susan’s personal take on PR and what’s different about the world of tech
  • A definition of PR that is easy to understand
  • What journalists actually “trade” in and what Susan did to create immediate connections between her clients and journalists
  • The question every brand needs to be asking themselves right at this moment
  • Why every pitch is a gift and what you can do to make sure you have plenty of gifts to give
  • How to avoid broken promises when it comes to PR (and the surprising journalist to publicist ratio)
  • What most people forget to do when they get PR and how it can kneecap your exposure
  • Why you need to “mind the flick” and what you need to do with your content immediately
  • The five-part process that you can do on your own if you can’t hire a PR person right now
  • Where journalists actually live in the world of social media and why if you’re not there you’re not part of the conversation
  • How to get a free 30-minute consult from Susan
  • And much more!

Cultural Anthropologist. Brand Marketer. Disruptor. Susan Lindner got her start as an AIDS educator in the brothels of Thailand, helping turn prostitutes into entrepreneurs. Today, she’s the founder of Emerging Media, a branding, PR and marketing agency dedicated to helping tech founders reach their finish lines. Her award-winning strategies have gotten 10 companies acquired, and she is now hell bent on sharing them with the world. Susan speaks to startups, innovators, and top executives from 60+ countries at GE, PWC, Deutsche Bank, Capital One and at global conferences, consulates and trade organizations about strategic storytelling, mastering the message and the media for maximum impact.

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