Charles Muhlbauer: Why The Key To Sales is Being Yourself

Today we continue our Podcast Row series with SalesShare founder Charles Muhlbauer. Tune in as Charles decodes his biggest breakthroughs (and failures) in the world of sales. We also reveal why finding your voice and being yourself is the true key to mastering an authentic and successful sales career.

Topics include:

  • How he moved from an accountant so a sales guru
  • Why there’s nowhere to hide in sales
  • Why knowing where you’re going will help you be more present
  • Why you should never go into anything with an agenda
  • The ins and outs of his coaching business
  • Why even top players still have things to learn (and why that’s okay)
  • The real power of offering insight to other people
  • And so much more!

After practicing as a CPA for 10 years, working at KPMG, Morgan Stanley and Deloitte, Charles Muhlbauer felt his ‘passion compass’ pointing elsewhere, namely to a career in sales. It took him longer than others to figure out his passion, including the courage to go after it, yet he has not looked back. After 5+ years of sales experience in the tech industry, successfully selling into the largest financial institutions in the world, Charles felt compelled to share his best practices with early stage companies, ensuring they can close more deals quickly and efficiently.

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