Kelly Sullivan Ruta: Developing Your Personal Power

Today I’m sitting down with psychotherapist and mindset expert Kelly Sullivan Ruta. Listen in as she reveals why we override our gut feelings (and should stop doing it), drops some incredible facts about the mind, and explains why EQ is a skill you can truly hone if you’re willing to do the work. We also talk about what it really means to be a qualified mindset expert (and how to get there).

Topics include:

  • How she moved from a brick and mortar business to an online one
  • Always checking in with your gut before you make a decision
  • Masters of marketing vs. masters of craft
  • Why using intellect alone to make decisions is incomplete
  • Subconscious programming and social pressures
  • The importance of being the person willing to speak up
  • The real deal with FOMO
  • The real power of humility
  • Being open and willing to accept criticism
  • Why there is no such thing as either/or
  • Why you should be wary of secret formulas
  • And so much more!

Kelly Sullivan Ruta is a seasoned psychotherapist turned Mindset Expert for women in business with big mindset blocks but even bigger goals and dreams. She seeks to positively impact thousands of women worldwide by teaching them to create personal mastery so they are confident, brave and in COMMAND because a relentlessly courageous woman is an unstoppable force of nature.

Kelly is a hardcore introvert, chocolate aficionado and lover of all things beach. When she isn’t working, Kelly is hanging with her ride or die besties or her husband and two teenage sons, often on the baseball field but preferably with a good book, a glass of red and her toes in the sand.

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