Liz Lajoie: Using Money As a Lens To Fund Your Future (out of the archives)

In this episode, I’m reaching into the archives to revisit my conversation with Liz Lajoie, founder of The Zen Money Initiative. Listen in as we discuss all things money. We dive into the misconceptions, myths, and magic in understanding your finances.

Topics include:

  • Liz’s long and winding background (and how she ended up with over 20 years of business experience) 
  • The medical diagnosis that led to Liz founding her own business 
  • The challenges that most entrepreneurs face
  • The things that most entrepreneurs ignore when building a successful business (and what the actual point of running your business is) 
  • The top issue that Liz’s clients come to her with 
  • Why you absolutely need to pay attention to the “boring” topics
  • The danger of being really successful (and the hardest part about managing the money that comes in) 
  • Financial “Ostriching” and how Liz actually triggered me in this interview  
  • What we’re all in business for at the end of the day
  • Why strategic spending will secure your seatbelt when you’re on the entrepreneurial roller coaster
  • The biggest mistake you can make with your budget (and how to really simplify your process now to avoid a business crash)
  • What Liz learned about building relationships when she started her business and where she found her first clients
  • The best perspective you can take when it comes to money (and how to avoid the pressure of people pushing you to get to the “next level” when it’s not a fit) 
  • And much more!

Liz Lajoie, MBA, is the Zen Money Strategist & CFO and the founder of the Zen Money Initiative, which helps mission-driven entrepreneurs master their finances and grow thriving businesses.

With nearly 2 decades of experience in financial management and strategic business development for established, multi-million-dollar firms, Liz is a sought after expert, who has been featured on Women Inspired TV, multiple podcasts, and published as an international best-selling author of From Zero to Zen: Secret Keys to Nurturing Your Numbers and Finding Financial Flow and Zen Money Map: Charge Your Worth, Pay Yourself First, and Fund Your Wildest Dreams. She lives in northern New Hampshire with her husband and two kids.

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