Ariel Hoffman: Learning To Help Yourself (When You Need It Most)

In today’s episode, Ariel Hoffman reveals how she moved from competitive dancer and ice skater to certified personal trainer and fitness expert. Tune is as we talk about the importance of addressing when things go wrong in the moment and unpack what multiple surgeries taught Ariel about herself and entrepreneurship.

Topics include:

  • Finding the way to do what you want to do (and there’s always a way!)
  • Embracing those who will open you up to new ideas and opportunities
  • The importance of teaching other people what was never taught to you
  • Why it’s not always a good idea to push through pain and put on a brave face
  • Learning to help yourself like you do your clients
  • Why there’s always something you can do (in every situation you find yourself in)
  • And so much more!

Ariel Hoffman currently offers one on one fitness programs, as well as small group programs that include fitness + nutrition + wellness, conducted in person or virtually. By utilizing top tier fitness and wellness methods, as well as the latest in exercise science, each curriculum is designed specifically to her client’s individual needs, goals, and results. Her small group classes are high intensity, dance inspired, and are intended to give the most comprehensive and effective workout in just one hour. Her coaching style keeps an eye on form and correct alignment, to push when necessary, and to provide encouragement along the way, while always keeping it fun. Whatever your fitness level, Ariel will help you find your way to success in the most effective, balanced, and healthy way possible. And wherever you are in your transformation journey,

Ariel’s nutritional guidance & wellness programs are customized with a layered approach and are geared towards habitual and sustainable change in order to maximize results. She is a master in transforming clients, and keeping them on top of their game, and a recognized expert in the field of fitness, Ariel’s roster of clientele includes Emmy award winners, Oscar award winners, Grammy award winning artists, and elite athletes.

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