Making It Work From Home: Everything You Can Do In Challenging Times

We are in unprecedented territory, and our lives and businesses are being challenged. We can either hide from these obstacles or we can show up in a big way. In today’s solo episode, I’m exploring everything we can do from home to maintain a positive attitude and ultimately persevere. Most importantly, I reflect on how we can recognize gifts and opportunities in these challenging times.

Topics include:

  • Using this time to truly create
  • Why now is a great time to share all the knowledge you’ve gathered over the years
  • Using digital tools to connect you to the outside world
  • How you can still spend time with others when you’re isolated
  • Why this is a great time to explore being human
  • Reengaging with those you’ve lost touch with
  • Taking the time (and using your gumption) to help those who are suffering
  • Exploring what it really means to contribute
  • Taking a deep dive into existing models and reflecting on how you can innovate them
  • And much more!

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