Time, Connections, Money: How To Make Them Work For You (And Others)

People need to get things done. (Now more than ever.) We as entrepreneurs can provide invaluable support, services, and skills to those who need it, so we shouldn’t be afraid to reach out and do what’s best for our clients and our businesses. In today’s episode, I’m digging into my TCM concept and unpacking how you can use it to evaluate and prioritize your opportunities.

Topics include:

  • Sales tactics to avoid right now
  • Making everything about what your clients need during this time
  • Taking the time to really check in with people (especially before bringing up your own needs)
  • Adjusting your current rate (and why that could be a good thing)
  • Using your skills and abilities to solve problems and bring people together
  • Having real (and meaningful) conversations
  • Why the most dangerous thing you can do right now is assume
  • Asking yourself what you can contribute right now
  • Giving support to those who value it most
  • Figuring out who you can connect with to make the changes you need in your business
  • And much more!

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