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Show Up!

There are many ways you can show up in this time. You may not believe it, but people will miss you if you don’t put your ideas out there—even in this new normal where people are sharing like never before. Today I break down how you can show up and realize the value of your own unique point of view.

Topics include:

  • The pitfalls of measuring your contribution based on what you see on social media
  • The personal brand
  • Not letting how other people present themselves influence you (in a negative way)
  • Why there are no rights and wrongs when creating and presenting content
  • Sharing what you think is important
  • Telling stories and teaching lessons
  • Getting past that why bother feeling and fears of getting lost in the shuffle
  • Why you need to own who you are (while also being respectful)
  • Alternative ways of contributing to the world
  • And so much more!

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