What We Can Do To Be True Allies

George Floyd’s death was a true watershed moment in our nation, and we must address racism head on through honest conversations if we want to be active participants in making real change.

In today’s episode, I wanted to share what I’ve learned over the past couple of weeks in the hopes that we can all start paying closer attention to everyone’s experiences and perspectives in order be the change we want to see.

Topics include:

  • Why listening is leadership
  • Why it’s okay to not know what to say (and to really listen instead)
  • Really diving into research to learn more about the world around you (and your role within it)
  • It’s not always about you
  • Content doesn’t have enough diversity (and taking responsibility for it)
  • Silence and responsibility
  • Creating the change we’re looking for
  • Static responses vs. legacy responses
  • Why it’s up to us to keep going when the media frenzy dies down
  • Why we need to reflect every day

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