Reimagining What You Have To Offer (And How To Do It)

We’re now living in a world in which many industries have permanently changed, so we’re all going to have to seek out new opportunities if we want to propel our businesses forward. We’ll also need to reimagine what we have to offer and how we want to present ourselves in this new landscape. In today’s episode, I break down every single variable you’ll need to make this happen.

Topics include:

  • Why every offering has variables (and why you need to explore them)
  • Discovering new systems
  • Reexamining your client and audience profiles
  • Working with people at various price points (and finding the business models to make it happen)
  • Challenging your assumptions about digital products
  • Learning to craft interesting virtual experiences
  • Opening yourself up to developing programs
  • Working with groups or one-to-one
  • Looking for work under new titles (and thinking about how you want to present yourself)
  • Setting the right rate
  • Exit and entry points
  • Using your skills and ideas in unexpected industries
  • Why you can either be the teacher or manage a faculty
  • And so much more!

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