Lauren Goldstein: How To Diagnose Your Business

In today’s episode, Golden Key Partnership Founder and CEO Lauren Goldstein reveals how she moved from diagnosing patients to diagnosing businesses. She also breaks down the top pain points most business owners face today, shows us how to sell to CEOs, and unpacks how to take control of our own identities.

Topics include:

  • The importance of going with your gut
  • Asking what version of yourself you really want to be
  • Consulting myths
  • Why your business will only grow when you are ready to grow
  • Surrounding yourself with people who will help you see the big picture
  • Building momentum by doing one thing every day that will move you forward
  • Why you should focus on what’s possible instead of what can go wrong
  • Moving from business operator to business owner
  • Changing your relationship with time
  • The best piece of advice she’s ever received
  • And much more!

Fondly known by her clients as the business doctor, Lauren Goldstein, Founder and CEO of boutique strategy consulting firm Golden Key Partnership, has been helping businesses scale more strategically for close to 10 years. Her superpower is simply and effectively diagnosing what is keeping a business stuck at status quo and then helping them strategically prioritize to bust through those bottlenecks and create traction to move businesses from stagnation to successful scaling.

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