Chris Palmore: What Are You Grateful For?

When Chris Palmore wrote gratitude letters to his mother and father on his birthday, he had no idea that he would be initiating an entire gratitude movement. Today he reveals why (and how) he wants to create a space that allows people to share what and who they’re truly grateful for. Chris also shares more of his moving personal story and explores why putting more love and gratitude into the world can make magical things happen.

Topics include:

  • The idea of being a gratitude conductor
  • Developing structures that make emotional tasks achievable
  • Gratitude campaigns
  • Revisiting old emotions and really reflecting on them
  • Making it easy for people to participate in the experiences you want them to have
  • Looking for new spaces for moments to happen
  • How new opportunities arise from going outside of your circle
  • And so much more!

Chris Palmore is a gratitude creator, the founder of, and the host of Gratitudespace Radio. His passion is reading, sharing, and creating the spark of “What am I grateful for,” in others. All of the content Gratitudespace creates is made with the single hope of creating that spark. He believes everyone has something to be grateful for and they are just waiting for someone to ask. He’d love to share your story of gratitude and is always looking for people who want to assist him in furthering and expanding his vision for Gratitudespace.

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