Robin Joy Meyers: Why Fear Is Your Superpower (And How To Use It)

Author and TEDx speaker Robin Joy Meyers uses her background in molecular genetics to show people how to understand (and harness) the power of fear—and today she’s revealing some of her biggest insights. During our conversation, Robin unpacks her winning FEAR method and how it will help you develop new and better patterns. She also talks about bringing science into real life experiences, and expresses the true importance of helping people—particularly women—find their voice.

Topics include:

  • How childhood imprints can affect you in the unlikeliest of places
  • Being upfront with your accomplishments
  • Why your uniqueness is a tool to help someone else
  • Why trusting and understanding who you are will ignite your greatest potential
  • Doubt and limiting beliefs
  • Why fear is happening for you
  • Not letting fear hold you back (and learning to listen to it)
  • And so much more!

Molecular geneticist turned fear strategist, TEDx speaker, author and advocate for women around the world, Robin Joy Meyers uses science-based strategies to empower women to amplify their voices, speak their truth unapologetically, and manage their fears through executive coaching, workshops, and speaking engagements. Tap into your JOY…JUST OWN YOU!

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