Beth Granger: How To Become A LinkedIn Pro

Beth Granger helps people grow their businesses and expand their brands by harnessing the power of LinkedIn. Today she’s spilling her secrets. During our conversation, Beth breaks down her best practices for engaging with people on the platform, talks about the dos and don’ts of self-promotion, and shows us how we can get into the LinkedIn content game.

Topics include:

  • Why there are no shortcuts in relationships (even digital ones)
  • Best practices for cold outreach and connecting
  • Scheduling posts vs. posting them organically
  • How the platform has evolved
  • Why you shouldn’t automate your behavior on LinkedIn
  • Using the appropriate tags
  • Why becoming an influencer may not be the best goal
  • Why it’s important to share knowledge to create engagement
  • And so much more!

Beth Granger is a trainer, consultant, speaker, moderator, emcee, and certified virtual speaker.

She loves helping people who are not comfortable with technology to embrace its power. She works with organizations and individuals who want to grow their business, fill their sales pipeline, and build their professional brand using LinkedIn.

Beth helps produce and facilitate engaging and interactive online networking events for American Business Associates and is a host of LinkedIn Local, a series of events designed to let attendees “meet the people behind the profiles.” Every week, Beth broadcasts on LinkedIn Live to introduce interesting people to her broader network through ½ hour conversations.

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