Dov Gordon: How To Become An Under-The-Radar Leader In Your Industry

Today marks Dov Gordon’s second appearance on Access To Anyone, and boy did he bring some major insights into the world of networking. Listen in as he breaks down everything you need to know about alchemy networks —which is definitely as cool as it sounds—and reveals why everything and anything is possible when you build the right relationships.

Topics include:

  • Why forming your own network is creating a golden platform
  • The pitfalls of diminishing the value of your expertise
  • You’re always at the center of your relationships (and what that really means)
  • Why we all have more opportunities than we realize
  • How to build relationships to scale
  • Why you should never discount the work you’ve been doing all along
  • The two best ways to really get people’s attention
  • How to move from informal gatherings to paid experiences
  • The true importance of curating connections
  • And so much more!

Dov Gordon helps consultants get ideal clients by becoming “under-the-radar” leaders in their industry. You can find him at

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