Dan King & Leeza McKeown: Making Strategy More Human (And Why It Matters)

As the co-founders of Fireside Strategic, Dan King and Leeza McKeown joined forces to bring humanity and warmth back into the world of strategy. In today’s episode, they’re giving us an insider’s glimpse into their business, unpacking the true importance of embracing (and celebrating) human-centered leadership, and revealing why being your authentic self will help you make deeper and more meaningful connections.

Topics include:

  • Why you need to stop talking at people
  • The calendar trick for picking your clients
  • What it means to slow down to speed up (and how it can help you make connections and sales)
  • The real definition of leadership
  • How you show up and influence people in the world
  • Why leadership doesn’t need to be polished or forceful
  • Why company culture and energy matter
  • The best outreach practices
  • The importance of bringing people deeper into your world (and having patience) before you sell anything
  • The pitfalls of rigid structures
  • And so much more!

Dan King is a tennis and meditation-loving lawyer turned executive coach. As a legal advisor to one of the Sharks on the Shark Tank TV show, he realized he was far more interested in people’s leadership and human challenges than their legal challenges. After building and selling a career transition company, he started Fireside Strategic with Leeza McKeown. Fireside is dedicated to helping companies determine their post-COVID strategy and aligning their people behind that new strategy.

Leeza McKeown is a human-centric management consultant. Aside from leading 50+ projects around the world in M&A analytics, growth strategy, and operational optimization, she loves to dance, travel, and hike with her fluffy rescue pup and high-school-sweetheart-turned-husband. Amid a brilliant friendship with executive coach, Dan King, they realized the power of combining best-in-class consulting and coaching to help businesses achieve exceptional results. The result was Fireside Strategic, which today grows companies – and their leaders – through human-centered strategy and alignment.

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