Sharon Holand Gelfand: How To Take Charge of Your Health

When Sharon Holand Gelfand watched her son struggle with illness, she knew she had to take action. Now an accomplished nutritionist and author, Sharon helps her clients get better connected to their health and take charge of their lives. And today she’s helping us do the same. Listen in as she reveals more of her personal story, unpacks her winning GUT Method, and talks about the true importance of taking care of your gut.

Topics include:

  • How she started her business from the ground up
  • Defining your value (and what your time is worth)
  • Listening to your intuition (so you don’t spread yourself too thin)
  • Getting someone to support you in the entrepreneurial process
  • Getting back to basics and exploring your core concepts
  • Being able to see all your symptoms
  • Taking a deeper look into your habits (and changing them)
  • Why your mindset can be your biggest health mistake
  • Being wary of quick fixes
  • Why will power doesn’t actually matter when it comes to your health
  • And so much more!

Sharon Holand Gelfand is a holistic, functional and lifestyle nutritionist who helps get you in the driver’s seat of your health. She empowers busy, health-minded professional women over 40 with simple and effective home testing, giving them renewed energy, lowered stress, and control over their food and their lives. With something as simple as a snip of your hair, she can help you learn more about your body and your health without having to leave your home.

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