Vikram Rajan: Harnessing The Power of Video

As the co-founder of Videosocials, Vikram Rajan takes the grunt work out of video blogging so you can have more time to grow your business, deepen your relationships, and expand your community. Today he tells us how he does it. During our conversation, we also take a deep dive into why video is an essential ingredient to a successful business.

Topics include:

  • The real relationship between social media and video
  • Why videos are a way to truly connect people
  • Why social media platforms are prioritizing video (and why you should too)
  • Making video a part of your schedule (the easy way)
  • The real importance of developing a content library
  • How social media makes it harder for you to find content
  • A deeper look into Videosocials’ tech
  • Bridging the gap between social media platforms and sites that archive content
  • And so much more!

Vikram Rajan is the co-founder of Videosocials, a community where over 115 lawyers, accountants & consultants are video blogging “together, fun & done!” using the social media automation. Vik is a frequent presenter at Bar Associations, CPA Societies, and other professional organizations.

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