Lisa Kuzman: It’s Time To Talk About Trauma

As a social worker turned full-time coach, Lisa Kuzman is on a mission to revolutionize how the coaching industry addresses trauma while keeping clients safe. Today she tells us how she does it. We also talk about why (and how) everyone has the ability to become a successful person while overcoming challenges and facing trauma head on.

Topics include:

  • Why there are no guarantees in coaching (and why that’s a good thing)
  • Coaches have trauma too (and what they can do to build self-awareness around it)
  • The true impact of being honest and accepting your humanity
  • The trust factor
  • The relationship between personal development and sales (including what and what not to do)
  • Systems of oppression (and the roles they play in personal development)
  • Building relationships vs. striving for outcomes
  • Why being your true self will lead to more genuine relationships (and build trust in the process)
  • Why you have to play the long game when it comes to cultivating connections
  • The best piece of advice Lisa ever received
  • And so much more!

Need more bandwidth in reserve so you can unabashedly embrace each new level of success, turn those curveballs into home runs, AND stay grounded in what matters most? Yes? Then Lisa Kuzman is your go-to gal!

Through her mastermind for one philosophy, Lisa helps mission-driven entrepreneurs and women of influence learn how to become their own Jedi master. Lisa is notorious for helping clients do the impossible, like helping one woman hire and train 4 new staff, grow her business by 40%, take 3 months of paid maternity leave, and set aside 10k for a once in a lifetime trip to Africa all before her twins first birthday. Investing in working with Lisa guarantees you will forever trust that you can gracefully handle whatever comes next.

When she’s not doing deep dive one-on-one work with her clients, steaming it up on her podcast Serving it HOT, showing up as a regular guest expert on the KELOL and Living TV show, or providing trauma-sensitive education and supervision to coaches, you can find her walking her golden retriever affectionately known as KotieBits while listening to Audible books, drinking local craft beer with her lovely husband or learning how to “shred the gnar” on the ski slopes.

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